Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Good morning everyone!!

Today is Wednesday woohoooo!!!
I saw these boxes on youtube and decided to make some for my Monday lady's!!  We have a small group of ladys who got together every Monday to get some crafting time!! I'm making this boxes for each of them for Mother's Day. I will put inside some goodies, that will be a surprise!!

This is for my BFF Chacha, she loves everything big, 3D, and lots of glitter 

This is for my Dear friend Erlinda, she loves butterflies and I made the crochet flower just for her

This is for the smart one of the group :) Lisa, she is happy and use lots of flowers (and pearls LOL)

And this one is for our sweet Emely, she loves everything simple and nice

If you want to make this boxes, let me know and I will send you all the info
Have a WONDERFUL day!!


Cheryl said...

These are beautiful!

Erlinda Ramirez said...

Cecy, these are gorgeous and its so nice of you to make them for us. Can't wait to get mine!