Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halloween flowers and charms

  Hello everyone!!
        I have finally been able to blog had a looong weekend with my family!!
OK I'm so excited!! for as long I can remember I have loved Halloween, so I'm
so thrilled to show all my projects to you!!
Yesterday I made this Halloween Flowers with some tulle, ribbon and lace!!

Is this Kute or what??
 I made this one with black tulle
white satin ribbon and the spider button 

this one is using the black tulle and some grosgrain
ribbon from stampin up (sorry I don't have the name)
can you see the little Kute pumpkin.

      I love love this one!!
 I made this one with black lace and
kiwi polyester mesh stamp  BOO and add
some feathers.

  This are some of the charms I made I love it!!

the moon

Happy Halloween

this are charms made by me (cecy)
I will post later some work with all this!!
Hugs and Happy Wednesday!!

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