Friday, September 24, 2010


My daughter is the President of LSO club and Today is they first event at the soccer game. So yesterday she ask me if I can make her t-shirt with my cricut and of course mommy has to say YES!!!!
Here are step by step what I did!!

Cutting the vinyl with my cricut

I adhered the vinyl direct to the t-shirt 

painted the heart with Dazzling Metallic Festive Red paint

  painted the rest with True Blue acrylic paint

I cut Garcia her last name and the number 11 because it's the grade she is in
and painted with the same True Blue acrylic paint

 the front

and the back!!

I had so much fun,  this is my first t-shirt I made with the vinyl 
and I really like it! But I think I still need to buy me the Yudu!! Oh yeah!!!
Have a nice weekend!!!


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